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of Albany and Southwest Georgia

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The Home Builders Association of Albany and Southwest Georgia is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to creating, promoting, and protecting an ongoing successful environment for affordable housing in order to benefit its members and the citizens in the South Georgia area. We benefit our members by providing continuing education and political advocacy and promoting innovative building practices. We benefit our community by providing desirable places to live, work and  play . Our members are committed to upholding ethical and professional  standards  while advancing the quality of life in our community.

A few key points about the Home Builders Association of Albany & Southwest Georgia:

Promoting  Professionalism
Our members subscribe to a Code of Ethics which sets them apart as true professionals.  They pledge to uphold high standards of business and workmanship when it comes to customers, employees,  subcontractors, and suppliers.

Providing  Training
Our association helps professional builders and associates stay current with the trends in their industry, including technology changes that could affect them. Business and professional skills are enhanced through  education  classes and  membership meetings.

Governmental  Involvement
Builders and associates can be greatly affected by many laws passed by the government or rules made by local, state, and federal agencies. We constantly monitor issues, taking action when necessary  on behalf  of our members.

Our members are your neighbors , contributing to your community just as you are. Builders and associate members spend time and money on community projects. The HBA of Albany and Southwest GA members  are also your  customers, spending money  with  you throughout  the  year.

One of the most important benefits of the home builders associat10n is our involvement in governmental and regulatory areas. By being a part of these processes on the local, state and national levels, we help keep you in business by alerting you to code changes and regulatory that impact the building industry. Our association also participates in the Builder 's Political Action Committee which can be used to contribute money to city, county or state elected officials that are supportive of the building industry.

Our association has quarterly membership meetings and multiple  fundraising  events throughout the year that encourage member and community participation. We sponsor the annual Terry Morrell and Legislative Fish Fry that allows our members to network with one another and legislative officials  attending  the  event.   Our  largest  annual  fundraising  event  each  year  is the $10,000 reverse raffle, a portion  of the net proceeds  are donated  to a local  charity.